Welcome to The Great Tew Estate

Located a little over an hour from London, the Great Tew Estate encapsulates much of what might be considered the archetypal English Country Estate. Spring lambs playing in rolling grassland, oak woods with a carpet of bluebells, chocolate box thatch cottages... the Great Tew Estate is all this and much more.

Whilst the village is often described as one of the prettiest villages in England, Great Tew remains cloaked in its long history, from its Roman origins, through the romance of the Civil War to its ownership by one of the pre-eminent industrial revolution families. However, today the Estate represents a modern image of a diverse rural business with a contemporary approach and an exciting strategic plan for the future.

The Estate has been managed by the Johnston Family since the 1960's and is centered around the village of Great Tew and Tew Park. The Estate enterprises which include the in-hand farming operation, ironstone quarry and property rental portfolio are run via a family partnership which oversees their day to day management.

Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew